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The Superior Times Newspaper began in 2009 and was originally a printed publication.  Our focus has been on issues and entertaining stories that the folks of our great lakes region identify with and appreciate.  We are a God, family and patriotic focused publication.  We love our nation and it's original founding principles, freedom and liberty for all.

Living in this unique part of the country offers it's challenges and blessings. We have moved to an online web version.  We hope you enjoy our new home and visit us often. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Our staff  and writers are:  Liz Evensen, Greg Evensen, Susan Omdahl, Rita Nelson, Kari Bellin-Sloat, Greg Lindahl, Jack Penegor, Lou Roncaglione, Jessica Petersen, Rachael Wagner, Carol Bergstrom, Sherry Hagerty as well as other guests writers from time to time.  You may contact any of them at which is our general mailbox.

  For submissions and advertising please email or

Liz Evensen/Publisher
The Superior Times
1745 Camp Five Road
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
906-542-3379 or 906-235-7940





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