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Volume VI

Connecting the People and Places of the Great North

March/April 2010



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Winter's Last Blast



  • Frozen Falls" photo by Rita Nelson

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"When March Goes Out like a Lion,

Spring Comes in Like a Lamb" or does it?

This is the strangest phenomena! I’ve never known it to happen in this north country. Do you remember March going out like a lion, well of course, many times? Spring coming in like a lamb, well of course not!  Unfortunately, it goes out with a good backhanded slap! My wishing never made it end any sooner, and I wished and wished. That old groundhog never saw his least when I was paying attention.  It seemed we were usually all doomed to six more weeks of winter.         

     Each year I wait expectantly for spring. You know, when the first crocus, daffodils and tulips begin pushing their little heads up through the partially frozen ground often still covered with snow. It never ceases to amaze me, as I think of all the other less hardy plants that would just shrivel up, wilt and die. How did God do that?

      I try to imagine the warm sun melting away the snow with the sun on my face washing away the pale white of winter, putting color into everyone’s cheeks once again. Cabin fever breaks out in epidemic proportions at the thought of spring break just around the corner.

     Spring breaks “back when” were something to remember and maybe to forget, but they were much tamer than today.  Just the thought of it scares parents and rightly so.

     St. Patrick's Day snow storms are famous for the Upper Great Lakes region.  Just when everyone is getting ready to begin cleaning up the leftovers from winter, rake the yard and pick up all the doggy doo, another blast comes blowing in.  One particular spring, I left for a trip to Florida in the middle of a snow storm, on April 20th. Thank the good Lord above, that last barrage of snow melts quickly.

   I don’t remember how many times we actually got to wear our new shoes and pretty dresses on Easter Sunday, but it wasn't often enough for me.  More than once, we trudged through snow and slush in our old boots just to get in the church doors.

     Now, here’s the strangest thing of all. My mother never gave up. She always fussed and stewed and bought us those pretty little hats, gloves and white or black patent leather shoes just because.  Whatever the style that year, she managed. Thinking back now, I believe she must have thought if she didn’t go through the ritual of buying us new clothes for Easter Sunday, spring might never come. Heaven forbid the thought!

      Spring seems to loom just ahead, teasing us all.  It makes a person just a little bit crazy....and when it begins to break out and the trees start budding, many folks begin to get euphoric. That's me, count me in on that.

 Remember the scents of spring, earthy and fresh with a variety of delicate aromas.  Unique to the season.  That's when spring comes with the gentleness of a newborn lamb.  The grass and earth begin to warm and the sun coaxes everything forth into brilliant green hues, signaling the rebirth of many precious and beautiful things. 

     Seasons do that, and our bodies and minds respond to the cycles. It seems odd that many of us aren’t more in tune with nature.  Are we to busy, too tired or just beginning to get too jaded to enjoy these awesome gifts of life?  Hopefully not!  I'm still counting the days, watching the sun rise higher in the sky and counting my blessings. 

Happy Spring!          By Liz Evensen for The Superior Times  



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